“Gold Standard of Indian Dance in the Northwest…”


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Jayanthi Raman is a Portland icon whose impact on the local arts and culture as well as nationally has been tremendous over past decades. Her impressive multi-faceted career spans over four decades – as an award winning nationally recognized traditional Indian dance performer, choreographer, master artist – and sought after educator, speaker, author, presenter, promoter, producer, and an arts advocate.

Raman is founder and teacher of the premier institution of Indian dance -NATYA Dance Academy, based in Portland, OR, training aspiring students. The dance company and academy enhance cultural diversity by bringing Indian classical dance of highest quality through performances and outreach events influencing the cultural scene.

“Few dancers communicate effectively across the wide gulfs of cultural difference. Jayanthi Raman is one. Even a viewer conditioned by American culture can recognize what sets Raman’s dancing apart. Technique, expressiveness, acting ability, musicality – just as in a ballet.” – The Oregonian

“Dance is very much a part of my life and who I am…”
– Jayanthi Raman