Student Performances

NATYA students regularly perform in cultural and community events as well as showcase classical indian dance at International Festivals and World Dance events, from Telugu, Tamil Sangams, Kannada Koota and ICA events, to Oregon Historical Society, Salem World Beat, Ten Tiny Dances, students received accolades from the audience for their artistry and professionalism.

The senior students of Natya have performed in Natya’s dance ballet productions and toured with the Dance Company. They have also performed at prestigious venues such as the NW Folklife Festival, Seattle, Seattle Art Festival, Beaverton International Festival, the Art Beat festival at Portland Community College etc.

The younger students frequently perform at Community events including at the Heritage celebration sponsored by the Beaverton Arts Commission and for the India Cultural Association.┬áNatya’s students are well known for energetic programs and accomplished presentations. The dancers reflect the disciplined training and care with which the dances are taught.