NATYA Dance Academy

NATYA Dance Academy was founded by Portland’s renowned and celebrated master artist and award winning teacher, and University faculty Guru Jayanthi Raman in 1993, and is now one of the most acclaimed and reputed institutions of Bharatha Natyam dance in the Northwest, acclaimed for its high level of classicism, purity and authenticity of training, student graduations – arangetram and performances in the community.

Please call Jayanthi Raman at 971-270-0204 for more details.

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  • Traditional and authentic dance school in Portland since 1993
  • Senior guru of the Kalakshetra bani – style of Bharatha Natyam
  • Classes in beautiful professional studios at Hillsboro & Bethany-NW Portland
  • Individual attention, disciplined rigorous training
  • Classes in the theory and practice of Bharatha Natyam
  • Numerous students studying advanced dance with regional and state scholarships and awards

The curriculum includes classes on dance theory based on the literature, Abhinaya Darpana, and selected portions of other ancient texts on art and literature such as the Natya Sastra.

NATYA founder and teacher Jayanthi Raman believes that disciplined training brings the best from students along with developing passion for the art form to learn and pursue the art as a life long artistic expression. This sets NATYA apart from other schools as an exceptional environment providing authentic, traditional as well as holistic training in dance and theory. This serves to nurture every student to appreciate this art and develop as a mature professional performer and scholar of the art.

Dance lectures and workshops by dancers, gurus from India add to the repertoire of the classes, which is unique to NATYA school. Performance opportunities with Guru Raman at prestigious performing art centers, touring the US etc. along with Raman is another experience unique to senior dance students of NATYA.